Burns Park Elementary

Ann Arbor Public Schools

  • Dear Burns Park Families, 

    As you know, there is no school tomorrow as we celebrate the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. If you are able and interested, here is a link to information about the many community events that will be offered.


    We will have a short assembly Tuesday morning at 9:30 to connect a whole school conversation with the teaching and learning that is ongoing in classrooms. Please feel free to join us if you can.

    Kindergarten Roundup will be held at Burns Park on February 28th. Our tentative times are 6:00-8:00 and we will send more details a bit later. Please share this information with any neighbors or friends who have a possible incoming Kindergarten student.

    We are also exploring the possibility of Young 5’s programming at Burns Park next year. Please let our office know via email if you have a possible interest in Young 5’s programming for your child at this time. We will be presenting information about Young 5’s programming at Kindergarten Roundup and we encourage everyone who is considering Young 5’s to attend roundup at Burns Park.

    PTO meets in the Media Center this Thursday at 6:00 PM. Childcare is provided.

    Our PTO is strongly committed to supporting full participation for all at each PTO event, as am I as principal. Please let me know by email if you need transportation to attend this week’s PTO meeting or our upcoming Movie Night on January 27th.

    We will have another forum on equity and inclusion, on Thursday, February 2nd, at 6:00 PM in the Media Center. Our meeting in November was very productive as we continue to focus on the following:

    How are we especially gifted with diversity at Burns Park Elementary School?

    • In what ways are we an inclusive community?
    • What are systemic barriers to stronger community and inclusion at Burns Park Elementary?
    • What are our goals and next steps for continuing to build a strong and inclusive school community?

    Please watch for an email message with more details about this upcoming meeting.

    I’m very happy to announce the new Rec and Ed, Arabic Language class at Burns Park, which will be taught by Nada Temeh, Luna and Naya’s mom. Here are details.

    Arabic Language

    • Grades K-5. Students learn Arabic language through songs, games, writing and reading. They learn the basic alphabet, Arabic letters, sounds and sentence structure. All students are welcome to join this class.
    • Instructor: Nada Temeh. 8 weeks.
    • ID# 1409.601 1/31 – 3/21 Tuesday
    • Fee: $99 4:00 PM – 5:00 PM Burns Park, Media Center

    There are lots of great Rec and Ed offerings for the winter section and scholarships are offered. You can find out more at this link.


    It’s almost that time again, to enjoy THE most amazing community theatre ensemble ever, the Burns Park Players. Here are the details for this year’s performance.

    • Burns Park Players presents Shrek The Musical. 
    • Ninety-nine of our talented Burns Park students will join the stage with our very own teachers, Mary Chatigny as Princess Fiona and Mary Roderique as Dragon. Shrek The Musical is part romance, part fractured fairy tale and 100% irreverent fun for the whole family. 
    • Performances will be at 7:30 p.m. on Friday, February 3Saturday, February 4; and Friday, February 10, with a matinee at 4:00 p.m. on Saturday, February 11
    • All shows will be at the Tappan Middle School Auditorium, 2251 E. Stadium Blvd., Ann Arbor.
    • Tickets will be available on January 20 at www.showtix4u.com for $15 (regular reserved seats) and $30 (premium reserved seats and parking).
    • Proceeds will benefit performing arts activities in the Ann Arbor Public Schools.

    I’ve been thinking quite a bit about our parking lot, particularly at drop off time. Teaching schedules for special area staff were expanded this year, which means that adult support for before-school activities is more limited than it has been in the past. Special area teachers now begin instruction at the very beginning of the day (and continue until the very end).

    I continue to believe that my most helpful and important role in the morning is to greet students from buses and make sure that everyone gets to class safely, although I’m conflicted because it’s clear that my presence at drop-off, or that of another staff member, could help things run more smoothly and safely.

    Here are some policies that I reminded everyone of last week:

    • Have students ready to exit when arriving at the drop off site and exit only from curbside doors.
    • Please do not park in the drop-off zone. Park only in designated parking spots or adjacent streets if you need to park your car and visit inside the building. Also walk with your child when walking through the parking lot during these busy times.
    • Please be mindful of walking traffic as you leave the parking lot. We’ve had a couple of close calls with neighbors who report that cars sometimes leave the lot at a high rate of speed without checking for pedestrian traffic when they leave the lot and cross the sidewalk.
    • It seems another reminder is in order as several cars did park in the drop off zone this week which is very disruptive to the flow of traffic and creates hazards for students as cars try to drive around an already crowded spot. Also, some students are continuing to exit cars on the traffic side, which is dangerous.
    • Also, please observe the right turn only sign at the end of the parking lot. Upon turning right, there are multiple paths to return to Packard or Washtenaw, or head toward campus. Turning left against this posted sign impedes traffic and slows things down for everyone.
    • As you may have noticed, I am at the curb on Wells street to greet buses. Many families park on streets adjacent to Wells and walk their younger students to school. Bussed children in all grades are able to walk to school from Wells street and I am there to welcome them and assure their safety.
    • If you are pressed for time in the morning, you may want to consider dropping your child off on Wells street, on the park side, past the red playground structure, away from the school. I will make a point to stay on the Wells Street sidewalk until the first bell at 8:43.
    • If students are dropped off at this location on Wells Street, before or at 8:43, I will be able to greet them and make sure they get to class safely. This could make the parking lot drop off less hectic and crowded.

    Finally, as we observe a day of remembrance for Dr. King and celebrate the true progress we have made toward fulfilling the promise of honoring the inherent worth of each person, we also acknowledge that we have far to travel on this journey.

    I can think of no better place than our school community to recognize the progress we have made, fulfill our aspirations, and realize our ambitions, for our children, who are our first work and best hope. Thank you for your care and commitment and for allowing me to join you in this work. I am truly grateful to be part of the Burns Park Elementary School community.

    Your Principal,

    Chuck Hatt