AAPS Board Goals 2015-16

    • Maintain excellent, innovative and effective programs for our students, parents, staff and community stakeholders
    • Continue to monitor and support to improve student achievement for all students
    • Develop financial sustainability road map
      • Develop 3-5 year sustainability road map
      • Manage capital and operating resources effectively
      • Maintain fund equity responsibly
      • Enhance/diversify revenue sources
    • Continue advocacy efforts for K12 public education
    • Explore all opportunities to engage and enhance public education around civic engagement and partnerships (government, business, etc.)
    • Improve BOE governance operations
      • Improve access to BOE meetings through livestreaming meetings with link on website
      • Set guidelines on time for reporting groups to improve overall timing of board discussion and action
      • Provide better meeting place environment (safe, accessible)
      • Improve timing of releasing critical reports to all trustees, in parallel with committee oversight
      • Continue to monitor and manage meeting duration for optimal trustee decision-making