Financial Assistance

Scholarship assistance is available to qualified families. If you know you will need help paying your fees, please contact a School Age Child Care Administrator without delay. Financial assistance does not fully cover the cost of child care, and families remain responsible for all charges not covered by subsidies or scholarships. 
AAPS Community Education and Recreation has provisions for scholarship assistance for those who need financial aid. Determinations are made using the same criteria used for other Rec & Ed scholarships with the additional stipulation that the family must prove the need for childcare (i.e. parent or guardian is at work or in school during the days and times care is requested). Scholarship assistance does not cover enrollment fees, late fees or drop-in fees.
  • Applicants must complete both the Community Education and Recreation Scholarship Application and the Child Care Scholarship Application

  • Families may apply for a child care scholarship at any time from when they submit their enrollment application through the end of March in that school year. Families must re-apply each school year. Applications received during the summer are collected and processed in mid-August. 

  • Approval for a Community Education & Recreation General Scholarship does not automatically qualify a family for a School Age Child Care Scholarship.

  • Families must either reside in the AAPS district OR one or more of your children must be enrolled in the AAPS Free/Reduced Lunch Program in order to qualify for a Rec & Ed SACC Scholarship. 

  • All adult family members must be employed or in school during the times/days childcare is scheduled.

  • Scholarships become effective on the next billing cycle after the approval date.
    Rec & Ed is no longer accepting coverage of childcare fees provided by Child Care Network (CCN) or the Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs (LARA, formerly DHS). Families who qualify for assistance from either of these agencies need to complete both the appropriate Community Education and Recreation Scholarship Application and the Child Care Scholarship Application. Note: The scholarship coverage from Rec & Ed's scholarship program exceeds the assistance provided by LARA!

     Address questions to Rec & Ed at 734-994-2300.